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Tucson Community Tennis Program

WHO WE ARE: Established in 1993, the Tucson Community Tennis Program is Tucson's only private, non-profit organization bringing free tennis to elementary and middle school children. TCTP's focus is on multi-cultural schools in Tucson's inner city, where funding is too limited to provide physical education instructors. Our programs create an environment where young people are introduced to the lifelong sport of tennis while learning the basic motor skills and inherent values of the game. 

This past school year (2013-2014) more than 990 students participated in our programs and our volunteers donated over 950 hours to helping kids learn tennis.

WHAT WE BELIEVE: We believe that sports, specifically the game of tennis, effectively teaches self-discipline, cooperation and good sportsmanship. 

 We believe that being part of a team and experiencing  the support of teammates and friends in the competitive arena helps children develop self-esteem and confidence. 

And finally, we believe that tennis is a sport that can provide a lifetime of fun and good health to people of varying athletic abilities for minimal cost. 

OUR FUNDING: TCTP is generously supported by The Conquistadors of Tucson Foundation, The USTA Southern Arizona, The USTA Southwest Section, The Knisely Family Foundation, Team One-Eleven and individuals within the tennis community and beyond.